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Sun glare

A sunny evening, a walk to stretch my legs and clear my head. Signs of an approaching autumn with blackberries starting to ripen and many dried-up plants along the roadside.

Probably the first rule of photography is don't take photos pointing at the sun. A good rule with rules is to break them.

Roadside plant in sun glare

I can't decided whether this photo is great or terrible. I do like the sky.

Perhaps it's an auspicious start.

Does anybody care?

Here in England, we are lucky to have so much beautiful countryside. Our towns and cities keep expanding, but once you get out of the urban environment it's still very much a green and pleasant land.


Costa coffee cup on grass verge Red Bull drinks can on grass verge Volvic water bottle on the roadside Coca-cola drinks can in the undergrowth

What really bugs me about this litter is not so much the environmental impact or the mess (bad though that is), but the uncaring attitude of the people who dropped it (or more likely chucked it out of their car windows). Would it have been so hard to take it home and dispose of it properly? Of course not, but too many people just don't care about what they do, or about the consequences. They assume that taking care of the environment is somebody else's responsibility.

And litter is only the beginning. Those same attitudes are common to so much of life these days. I could make a list, but its getting late and I'd be typing all night. I'd still be typing next week. It's easy to get angry, but we are all guilty to some extent.

It's good to know that you care - I'm sure if you are here that you do. All we can do is set a good example and spread the word that we do care. Not just about the rubbish in our streets and hedgerows, but about so much more.

Thanks for reading.

Too much noise

So much noise going on. Impossible to relax. Noise outside, noise inside, noise in my head. On and on it goes.

I sit quietly. The noise rages. I lie down, breath deeply. Relax. Let the tension out. The noise rages. The body may be trying to relax, but the mind won't let it.

The more I think about wanting to be relaxed and quiet, the more tense I get and the noiser it gets. There is just too much to think about - the little issues at home, the big issues in the world. My mind circles round and round.

I need a distraction. The only thing that works is music. It doesn't matter too much what type - anything the mind can hook into. Pop makes me smile, rock makes me writhe, classical envelopes me.

More volume, less noise.

How can it do this? After all, it's just vibrations in the air. Combine the right sounds in the right way and you get harmony, rhythm, dynamics - music to your ears, music for your mind. Music provokes the all the emotions. Music focuses the mind.

An escape from reality. Something we all need from time to time.

Snippet of a piano score