Got a question about this site? The answer might be here. If not, you can always ask on the front page.

Will my message be read?

Maybe. I hope so, time permitting. I do want to read it and think about what you say.

The important thing is that you wrote it, sent it, and that it got here.

What will happen to my messages or photos?

If you chose the public option and your messages or photos are suitable, I may publish them (or part of them) on this site. Please be aware that once published there is nothing to stop anyone on the internet from copying the information.

Is anything true?

Undoubtedly some things are. But the internet is a strange place where anyone can say anything to a worldwide audience. The articles we read online could be anything from well researched facts, speculative opinions or downright deliberate mis-information. A lot of online content wants to influence you or sell you something.

In todays connected world where everyone is desperate for social media "likes", messages spread quickly. We rush to tell our friends the latest exciting news, or the latest scare, or the latest solution to our problems. We may be well meaning, but don't have the time to question the information we share.

Don't believe everything or indeed anything that you read online. Here or elsewhere.

So many questions but so few answers?

Life is like that.

Not much here is there?

No not much yet, you are an early visitor. Welcome.